What Is Handwriting Therapy

Handwriting  Transformation Therapy is a science by which one is able to change personality traits by changing their handwriting and, in doing so, introduces new strokes which automatically eliminates the negative traits. HT is responsible for rebuilding, and healing relationships between couples, parent-child, friends, siblings, and even our relationship with ourselves!  HT recognizes that one cannot change what has previously occurred and utilizes the same internal energy to eliminate the pain of the past and to create a more productive future. By consistently doing these new handwriting exercises one gradually retrains the subconscious mind. Our subconscious was created for as many years as we are in biological age.

All the social, economical, emotional, and other things that have occurred in our life is what has shaped our subconscious. As an example, let’s pretend that you are 35 years old… you have 35 years of “stuff” in your subconscious of which some is buried very deeply. There is no way you can change all the “stuff” – 35 years worth – in 30 days. It’s like credit – with some positive but mostly negative “stuff” easily added to your report. However it takes much longer than 30 days to erase or remove this “stuff”.

When you change your handwriting you create a new neurological association in your brain and this creates new thought processes and behaviors. Each letter you write actually simulates a different part of the brain, and this is the same for human emotions. Your sexual thoughts are in a different part of your brain than math skills. In order to go from one aspect of your brain to the other, it has to travel along many neuropathways. The more often that you write your new way, the stronger those neuropathways become.

The underlying principal of HTT can be explained as "Behavioral Modification on a Neurological Level".  Our thoughts and emotions are processed through the motor cortex part of the brain, sending the message to the arm and hand which tells us to write; our handwriting is interlinked with our mind. During the writing process, a person's thoughts and feelings are translated onto the paper through their handwriting. Therefore, everything coming from the subconscious gets written on paper, so we can spot patterns that relate to personality traits.

HTT is a non-traditional psychological therapy method that works completely opposite of traditional therapy programs. Have you ever noticed that people tend to come home more sad, more angry, or more emotional after the therapy appointment? Have you ever noticed how high the divorce rate is? Have you ever paid attention to the amount of couples, parents and children, and other types of relationships that are being severed for various reasons?  Those that are in traditional therapy programs usually feel "stuck” and cannot claim any sort of improvement or success. We hear from people everyday that say they have gone  to traditional therapists for years even though they do not feel that it helped.

Handwriting Transformation Therapy (HTT) program was the first of its kind in world history. Since it's conception in 1987, our evidence-based program has helped thousands of people take control of their lives. If you are between ages 7 - 99, no matter where you live in the world, we can help you from the comfort of your home. 

Handwriting Analysis and Therapy

Certified and experienced handwriting therapists such as Deborah Rose, are reaching out and touching the world... helping to heal as many children, teens, and adults as possible.

Instead of traditional "talk" therapy, we use a holistic approach to better assist you in obtaining an enhanced quality of life. While we understand that psychological medications may be helpful to some, because of our healing approach, we do not prescribe or offer advice regarding any medications.

Many of our clients are new or unfamiliar with Handwriting Transformation Therapy and this is why we do our best to offer guidance for a well-rounded, more open-minded approach during your "journey of self".

The purpose of holistic healing (without traditional methods & medication) is to actualize the real self by encouraging and empowering you. Congratulations on reaching the first step – accepting that you have a problem and are looking to resolve it. The “stuff” life throws you – the emotional challenges that occur because of this “stuff” – can cause learned behaviors and triggers that essentially re-victimize you over and over. This “stuff”, combined with the emotional challenges, can cause you to experience uncomfortable feelings, inappropriate behaviors, negative thoughts and even poor physical health. Some feelings that can cause problems in your life are anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and stress. These feelings can lock themselves into your subconscious and cause problems in your daily life.

There is help and hope! We use a “subconscious-based” processes so that you do not have to try and remember any events. In fact, we urge you not to. Recalling unpleasant events serves no purpose in your current counseling goals. We recognize that your past cannot be changed. The result? You reserve your internal energy to effectively conquer your “bad luck”.

Healing is a necessary mix of awareness, intuition, and self-discovery.

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In 1987, Mozelle Martin created the world's first scientifically-proven and copyrighted "Transformational Grapho-Therapeutics" (HTT) program.

Deborah is certified as both a HTT practiioner and trainer in the HTT program that originated in 1987, originally with Mozelle Martin.    Mozelle Martin has retired from the Handwriting Transformation Therapy field, and Deborah is not one of two people certified to continue training future generations in this wonderful therapy and program.


Program Credentials

Handwriting Tansformation Therapy is ​evidence-based, accepted by some private insurance companies, and works with ages 7 - 99 for the following types of stressors: recovery from abuse, giving up addictions, recovery from other traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse, quieting anger, calming anxiety, giving focus to ADD / ADHD, holistically managing and / or eliminating symptoms of mental illnesses, letting go of codependency, reversing depression, owning your eating habits instead of the food owning you, eliminating grief and feelings of guilty, overcoming fear, calming night terrors,  PTSD, and more. Many of my clients have been able to completely remove psychological medications from their life and never look back.  All of that plus it is so powerful that it has been proven effective 99.9% to completely stop juvenile crime recidivism rates since 2006.

The Council of Families is one of ONLY TWO locations that offers the training and certification to become a Handwriting Transformation Therapist.  

This training includes learning how to analyze handwriting, providing detailed personality profiles.  These profiles can be stand alone tools for the foundation of coaching your clients to success or for the beginning of changing their handwriting to change their lives!

Once you receive your training and certification, you will have continual support through the CFC to answer questions and to help with any situation that may arise during the time your client is utilizing the handwriting program.   

The training is a two weekend process at this time and provides tools and hands on experiences during the entire program.  

Completion of this training will earn you the CFC certification that is verifiable and a place on the CFC website for confirmation and referrals. 
Continuing education is offered and required for maintenance of this verification and referral service.  

Email info@counciloffamilies.org for more information.