CFC Coaching Curriculum and Certifications is offered to anyone who would like valuable and pertinent information on how to be a better coach in any arena. 
Using the practicalities of NLP and wrapped around partical information to build rapport and empathy, this curriculum can launch you into the coaching arena, serving CEOs, corporate teams, families and individuals.  There are  modules that focus on specifics of  needs issues that make this curriculum the go to training for everyone.

Book One of the training is "Eloquent Communication Quotient: The Highly Developed Artistry of Person to Person Connections".  This is a three day training that focuses on the NLP structures of communication. 

Almost everyone will agree that what we say to others is important. We are reminded that the “power of the word is mightier than the sword.” HOW we say it is just as important, if not more so. Arguments, disagreements, and stress in relationships are often caused by the language patterns we use rather than the actual meaning of the words themselves. This book “decodes” everyday speech patterns. We can determine the way we process information, how we communicate with others and, even more importantly, the patterns OTHERS use to gather information, process it, remember, and verbally communicate with us. When you understand and use their patterns, people will actually hear what you are saying. No guessing, no assuming, and no misunderstanding! Take the mystery out of communicating with someone who never seems to be on the same “wave-length” as you. This is the core foundation to the coaching curriculum and certification that is endorsed by the Council of Families for Children.