Holistic Healing Services at the CFC

Rules for Engagements

1.       Payment for the room is due 7 days in advance.

2.      If you book a room and need it in less than 7 days, payment is due immediately upon booking.

3.      You are responsible for you own set up, break down and clean up after your event or class.

4.      The environment should be as you found it or better.

5.      If you are offering products, you will need prior approval from the board to sell these items.

6.      You will need submit a synopsis for your class or presentation with payment.

7.      Please ask that all speakers, teachers, attendees or participants be respectful of the clients of CFC and due to allergies, not use        scented candles, diffusers, air sprays or perfumes.  Please post food content if offering snacks.

8.      Be aware that one staff member of CFC may be present at all times on the premises.

9.      CFC will make the kitchen facility available.  However, you must provide all food and drinks you would like to serve, including tea and coffee service.

10.  You cannot leave the premises until you have confirmed that the CFC facility is locked and secure.

11.  CFC require a list of all attendees and their contact information for our records.