What If? Mission

Our mission is to bring news, information, and entertainment to our world-wide community by broadening the general understanding of holistic concepts, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, introducing thought-provoking concepts, and promoting holistic practitioners and their services to the community at large.

What If Media is now the annual magazine and report for the Council of Families for Children.   Stay tune for our next issue at the end of 2017.  ,http://www.whatifmedia.org/magazine.html

Beginning in June 2016, each "past" issue of What If? Magazine will be archived. You are welcome to look at any back issues by clicking on the "archive" tab and finding the date in which you are interested.

What If Magazine accepts articles, artwork, poetry, and comments from people of all faiths, denominations, beliefs, creeds, and cultures.

The Council of Families for Children sponsors What If Magazine as one of its programs.  The Council of Families is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works with children and families who are facing mental health issues.  The Council is whole-community based and offers resources from a holistic approach that focuses on health rather than dysfunction.

What If Magazine reflects this philosophy of inclusion.  However, individual articles published in the magazine reflect the philosophy, attitude, belief and focus of the individual contributing author.


  Deborah Colleen Rose

  Sharon Coody

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